Alligator Update

On Thursday, our alligator trapper, Dale Barnes, captured the “baby” gator that has been living on the peninsula and enjoying lake life.  The little gator will be relocated to a local area river to live out his/her life in the wild.  Please be aware that we still have at least one adult gator, possibly two, in the lake.  Mr. Barnes will continue his efforts to trap the gators so that they may be relocated.  Thanks to all for your patience.

Sandie Norton,

HOA Board Secretary

Gator Update

Good Morning Neighbors,


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has issued a 45 day permit to Mr. Dale Barnes, a licensed alligator nuisance trapper.  I met with Mr. Barnes yesterday evening, showing him several access points to the lake, primarily at the peninsula, spillway and the causeway areas.  He will spend the next several days observing the lake to determine the best locations to place traps to catch the alligator that is currently residing in our lake.  Once the traps are in place, they will be baited with fresh chicken to lure the gator into the trap.  If you live near one of the traps, please be cautious.


According to Mr. Barnes, our lake provides a prime location for an alligator to grow and thrive because of the abundance of food and comfortable places to hide.  It may take several weeks for the gator to be trapped and relocated.  If any of you witness any activity near the traps or in your yards, please let me know so that I can notify Mr. Barnes as soon as possible. Hopefully our young gator will be gone soon and will not grown into an adult nuisance alligator.


Please email or call me if you have any questions or concerns.  I’ll keep everyone updated, as I have information to pass along to you.  Thanks, and enjoy the day.


Sandie Norton

Gator in the Lake

Good Morning Neighbors,


A young alligator has decided to take up residence in our lake.  For those of you who live around the lake border and those who fish, walk around the lake, spillway, peninsula, etc. please use caution.  The Board has taken action to have the alligator removed and will notify residents once the gator has been trapped.   Thanks for your patience, and be careful out there, especially those of you who fish and have small pets that walk around the lake border.


Enjoy the day, and see you in the neighborhood.


Sandie Norton


Community Tree Trimming

Attention All Anastasia Lakes Owners and Residents:


On Monday, May 1 and Tuesday, May 2, Jason Shaw Tree Service will be in the community trimming oak trees. Please be sure to park vehicles out of the way of having any trimmings and/or limbs dropped on them.


Thank you!


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